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Used Curriculum


HSLDA Curriculum Market This site is for the sale of curriculum and materials specifically related to homeschooling. HSLDA created this site in response to our members’ concerns about the policy of other auction sites that do not allow the sale of teacher or instructor materials (e.g., anything with an answer key). We want to provide a one-stop shop where anyone can sell, and HSLDA Members can buy, new or used curriculum.

The Back Pack offers used & new curriculum as well as other services.

Sidcharise Homeschool Page is broken down into 3 areas: Curriculum, Literature/Historical Reading/Reading Books, & Religious books.

Used Books 4 U offers a short list of misc. homeschooling books including Landmarks, Sonlight, Usborne, Nancy Drew, Mrs.Pickerell, etc. Talk and Swap Issues unique to homeschooling and much more.

Classical~Charlotte Mason Material Swap For home schooling families to exchange living books and curricula that are used with the classical (Trivium) method or the Charlotte Mason method.

Homeschool Shopper This site was created so homeschoolers, SAHM & WAHM can post their used curriculum for free as well as buy sell & trade. Registration is free, posting is free and unlimited.

Paperback Swap (PBS) PBS is a huge online community of members willing to swap used books (hard cover and paperback); the only cost is the cost of postage to send a book. When the receiving member marks it as received, your account is credited. You use credits to request books from other members. Great way to get free books.

Homeschool Classifieds One of the largest sites on the web for buying and selling new and used homeschool materials, and for finding and announcing homeschool support groups, activities, and events.

Homeschool Trader An online marketplace to buy and sell both new and used homeschool curriculum.

Used Homeschooling Curriculum Yahoo Group This is a large active Yahoo group to buy/sell/trade/donate curriculum. Listings may be fiction or non-fiction books: K-12 readers, curriculum, educational resources, parenting and/or teaching resources. BOOKS MUST BE CHILD OR FAMILY RELATED; suitable for all ages.

Educational Accents Used homeschool curriculum at Educational Accents. You can both purchase and sell good quality used curriculum at our website.

Homeschool Tree A website that allows you to browse curriculum by publisher, grade, subject, and condition, all at the same time. There are also separate categories for Curriculum, Books, and Supplies & Equipment, and listings are organized by those For Sale, Wanted, and Free. As a seller you can post a new listing, upload multiple photos, and select your primary photo. For the buyers there is a magnifying glass which lets you zoom in on photos when you are viewing the details of a listing.

The Book Samaritan If your family is really in need and you don’t need curriculum from a specific publisher, consider the Book Samaritan. You just mail a request to them with the grade levels of your children and agree not to sell the curriculum when you are finished with it. The Book Samaritan is a non profit organization that supplies homeschool materials to families who are unable to afford them. They send curriculum and supplies, free of charge, to homeschooling families in need.

The Educator's Exchange 
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