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Answers to your questions.

Is Patch a co-op?

PATCH is a network of homeschool families, NOT a "co-op". PATCH does not offer classes to it's members. PATCH DOES encourage members to coordinate events, classes, parties, field trips, etc, for the group to participate in. With that being said, there are co-op opportunities in our area. Some are open to all homeschoolers, and some are small, closed groups. There is information on some of the larger co-ops on our members-only page that is only accessible after joining PATCH. 

Where does my membership fee go?

PATCH dues cover the expenses to maintain our group, our website/domain and the technology used for record keeping and communication, as well as the events PATCH sponsors throughout the year. 

What does PATCH offer?

PATCH offers a network for homeschool families to stay connected, share information and resources, encourage each other, and so much more.  All members are given access to join our group's private app which is used for communication within our group.  Many parents volunteer to help coordinate activities and events for our group.  Our hope is that all members can find a way to volunteer in some capacity.

I don't know how to use Paypal, how can I join?

Paypal is safe and easy to use.  You can open an account for free at using a credit card or bank account.  We currently do not accept any other forms of payment.

What are the advantages to joining a homeschool group?

First, because home educating is a radical departure from public and private schools, a homeschool support group provides emotional support.  Working with others with similar goals and ideals gives members assurance that the method of education they have chosen for their children is a sound one. The second advantage of membership in a group is the ability to draw upon the resources of others within the group.  Thirdly, group activities can provide friendships for members and their children. Group interaction with people of all ages is the best way to socialize children.  Members volunteer to coordinate parties, field trips, group discounts, and more...

Do you have more questions?  You can email us at:
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